To complete this assignment, you’ll go through a Javascript tutorial and learn the basics, which we’ll use in following weeks.

Learning objectives

The goal of this assignment is to get a basic familiarity and comfort with Javascript.


The only deliverable is to, during class, log into the tutorial site and show me proof that you’ve completed the required tutorials.

What to do

This one is pretty simple: you’ll use the freeCodeCamp website to learn HTML and Javscript.

First, visit freeCodeCamp and create an account. Then, click Map in the top-right corner. This is a list of all of the possible lessons you can take. Scroll down to find the required lessons.

Complete all of these lessons:

  • HTML5 and CSS
  • jQuery
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Object Oriented and Functional Programming

Note that the estimated completion time for these assignments is about 20 hours. This will likely vary considerably based on your experience level. I recommend starting early!

If you get done early, I also recommend going through the Responsive Design with Bootstrap lession.


See the syllabus for how much this assignment contributes to your final grade. The grade for this assignment is determined as follows:

  • Completed required lessons (100%)