To participate in this class, you’ll need a Slack account and a Github account. This assignment will get you set up with these.


This counts 50% towards your class participation grade and is therefore worth 5% of your final grade. You must complete all parts to get credit.

What to do


Github is a site for sharing software source code and related items. You will turn in your assignments via Github.

  • If you don’t already have a Github account, sign up here. (Note: if you already have a Github account but don’t want to use it, feel free to make a new one for the purposes of this class.)
  • Set up your Github profile, including a photo of yourself.
  • When you send me your direct message on Slack (see below), include your Github username.
  • Optional but strongly encouraged: install a Git GUI. Github has Windows and Mac GUIs that you can use rather than the command line.

We’ll discuss Git in class, but if you haven’t used Git before, you may want to learn about it by reading Git Basics.

You should set up a new repository for every assignment.


  • Sign up for the class Slack team. To do this, visit http://hcin720-fall16.slack.com and sign up using your rit.edu address.
  • Set up your Slack profile, including a photo of yourself.
  • Read all of Using Slack and install an app or some other method of getting notifications.
  • Send me a direct message to tell me that you’ve gotten signed up successfully.
    • Include your Github username.
  • Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Include:
    • Who you are
    • What program you are in (e.g. MS HCI)
    • Why you’re in the class
    • What you hope to learn
  • From now on, send me a Slack message to communicate with me, rather than email. I check Slack much more often than email.